PARTYNEXTDOOR Debuts “Come and See Me” Video Starring Kylie Jenner

Well, we guess it’s official, Kylie Jenner has moved on from Tyga and is now with the OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR. How do we know? Well, it’s not like they had a steamy “kiss in the rain” scene in his new music video or anything…


PND debuted his video for “Come and See Me” on Snapchat today, and though his mentor, Drake, doesn’t show up in the video, his new girl, Jenner certainly does, the.whole.time.

So, here’s the run through. In this Adrian Martinez-directed video, PND gets real cozy with Jenner, acting as if she’s the woman he yearns for, and that she equally wants him back, and they’re having their typical #relationshipstruggles and acting all solemn and stuff. They play a little telephone tag, a little ring-around-the-rosy, Jenner caresses a puppy, they go to a party and text each other from afar, and the video shows off a little Kylie makeup swag to promote her new makeup line. Hold up this scene for the product placement! Ok, continue please.

We even get to see our two favorite Twenty88 power-team, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, mingling on a couch in the cinematic party. UGH, I SHIP THEM SO HARD… if only Aiko wasn’t already married…


This wouldn’t be Jenner’s first feature in Party’s music videos though. The lsat one she made in an appearance for was for the visual “Recognize” back in 2014 which also had Drake in it.

While there’s no true confirmation, Drake’s prodigé hints that his making of a long-anticipated project, P3 will be coming out soon. And who knows if PARTYNEXTDOOR likes patterns, but P3  may come out in July because in the past both of Party’s last two projects were released during that particular month. Hmmm…


It was unfortunate that Drake was not in the new “Come and See Me” video and instead his verse was replaced by a saxophone interlude. It definitely made the romantic and tension-filled scenes between Party and Jenner a lot more enticing and lustful. That lipstick they showed off in the video was definitely put to work when they go lip smacking at the end. You can watch the full video, above, which originally premiered on the Snapchat Discovery page.

PARTYNEXTDOOR 0453500a-8bc2-4665-9e2f-5b95b7b73d32_o98cq5


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