THEY. Has A New Song To Show Off So Just “Say When”

THEY. know that you haven’t heard from them in a while, but no fear, all you had to do was “Say When” and they’ll release a new single for you.


This dynamic and eclectic R&B duo, THEY. have a whole new song to share to their fans and listeners around. They are known for  their unique, genre-shifting sound that allows them to really play and manipulate the tunes of different genres. After collaborating with such big names as Skrillex and ZHU, having a Timbaland co-sign, and touring with Bryson Tiller and others, THEY.  are making a name for themselves in the industry.

With this new song “Say When,” which is a standalone track, you get a really cool vibe. It’s chill, laid, back and their youthful voices are lighter than the usual-deep and demonic vocals like Future’s. However, do not think that takes away from the intensity and force of the song. Some real mood is persisted into the progression of the track. The plucky melody, the shouting guys, the demanding lyrics, the volume plays, and the heavy-hitting beat has you swaying and bouncing to the rhythm. You’re in charge now. with no plans for future projects revealed yet. You can stream “Say When” below.

The Mind of a Genius (MOAG) label signed artists, Dante & Drew, described their journey to make the song on their facebook page.

4 days before we left for tour, drew and i met up in hollywood at the studio and recorded one of our favorite songs to date. a lot of niggas have made songs about what the police/judicial system have done to my people but as we all know nothing changes. at all. we can discuss/bring awareness to shit all day, but at the end of the day life is about actions you take. i’m sorry, I’m more malcolm than martin. we have spent this year crafting what i know to be the strongest project of 2016, so today i’m saying fuck a “release plan” and I’m putting shit into my own hands. I’m tired of discussing songs, tired of watching the news as more people get gunned down, tired of a nigga parading around, peddling t shirts with our names crossed out like we don’t exist. its time to shift the conversation. “say when” is on the soundcloud now, today is the day we kick off HYENA season.


Listen to the song here below right now:


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