Desiigner’s XXL Freestyle Got Remixed Several Times By Producers

Desiigner has been making big moves this year, we can all agree on that. I mean, he’s gone from being sampled on Kanye’s album, to signing to G.O.O.D. Music, to having a hit single, to be being chosen for XXL’s Freshman cover. But he’s not done yet!

Being on XXL’s Freshman 2016 cover has given him a spot to be named one of the best new artists of 2016.

One of the requirements of all of the Freshman classmates is that they have to freestyle a few bars, and so Desiigner delivered his to introduce himself. Desiigner’s freestyle was rather shocking by how chill it was, it made some people take double-take because they were so used to the high-energized, loud (and sometimes obnoxious) teen, but in this short piece where he just spat his words out with a look of seriousness in his eyes. It actually was really catchy too because his free-style came out as a sing-song type melody that one could actually jam to rather than just hear the rap words spat out. A running joke was that the only caveat people had with the artist’s quick track was that it was much like “Panda,” half of the words people couldn’t even understand what he was saying.

The Fader: Desiigner

Nonetheless, that didn’t make it a bad tune or a bad delivery. In fact, it was so well-received that it caught some producers’ attention that they began to create their own remixes of it! You can listen to those remixes below. Each one is really different and unique, kind of showing off what each producer is known for, but at the same time, still keeping the integrity of Desiigner’s freestyle.

We will have to continue to wait and see what else Desiigner has planned for his upcoming mixtape, New English. But we can continue to watch him go through the trials of being  an XXL Freshman, and who knows, maybe he’ll even release a sneak-peek single to us all before the real thing is revealed to us.

Listen to some of the remixes below:


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