A$AP Ferg Shares the Video for “World Is Mine” f/ Big Sean

A$AP Ferg shared his video for “World Is Mine,” Sunday night of the 2016 BET Awards for fans to see. The song comes off his recent album release, Always Strive and Prosper.

We can totally tell that there’s a theme about good fortune leading into bad here. Featuring Big Sean, the music video follows the two gentleman into a super ritzy hotel, as they go about their stay, kick back, and enjoy the luxury they’re surrounded by.

Hot women, painting by sunsets, expensive alcohol, in silk robes, ocean views, oh yes, seems like they have it all down to a science. Typical typical hip hop in the lavishness it beholds. But, have to admit that Big Sean and Ferg are feelin’ those suits. Ferg’s love interest in the video seems to be taking in all of the riches that surround her until we get a little surprise in the end. Guess she wasn’t satisfied?

“She tried to tell me that the world is mine / I know that ain’t true.”

Watch the video above to see what happened:

The whole time, the two look like mob men, ready to plan their next major takeover. Definitely luxurious hotel was a good place to hold this meeting.

In other news, A$AP Ferg had just spent the past few months on tour with Tory Lanez on their Level Up Tour! The show was apparently extremely well-received by fans and of course, Ferg made sure to show up in his best garment for the events in a crazy animal print trench coat that only really he and Cruella De Ville could pull off. He gave a great delivery with Lanez by his side and together they stormed through the country, ending in Boston on June 24th.

Also, you can listen to Ferg’s latest album in the Spotify link below:


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