Rihanna Releases New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Single “Sledgehammer”

In this new Star Trek movieStar Trek Beyond, Rihanna takes her voice to a whole new world for the song that will become the leading single of the film, “Sledgehammer.”

The movie is directed by Fast & Furious ‘s Justin Lin, and stars actors such as Idris Elba, Chris Pine, and Anton Yelchin (RIP). It will be out this July 22nd for all to see and go to a dimension of intergalactic action and adventure. Though unfortuante news struck the cast after Yelchin’s death, a little ray of positivity was added when Sia and Rihannah signed on to make an iconic song for the film.

Cover Art for Single

In this new single, Rihanna demonstrates her incredible vocal range as she returns back to her pop-ballad-esque style of music. Though she attempted an incredibly experimental, edgy compilation with her ANTI release this past year, she decided to take a step away from the bold, darkness and into the bold and daring with this track. The single was co-written by Sia, who features herself in the track as well with  triumphant and powerful lines dispersed throughout the song. This one record shows that Rihanna is still just as versatile in her work as she is in her style. And she’s got extreme babe points, so basically she’s miss universe here and in space.

Sia and Rihanna had the chance to work together in the past on Rihanna’s track “Diamonds,” which was a major hit for Rihanna. Will this track have the same appeal, even up against some of the power-singles from ANTI?  No one thought they would hear the voices of these two outrageously talented women on one of the halmmark films of the summer, but Ri Ri and Si Si had other plans. This fresh track takes you up and leaves you there to feel as empowered as possible with bellowing voices of these women.

The Caribbean Space Queen announced via Instagram on Sunday night the forthcoming release of this single with a really short clip of the film and her music in the background. She then proceeded to caption it with, “Got something for y’all tomorrow. 🖖”

A video posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Jun 26, 2016 at 9:15am PDT

Rihanna has clearly been killing it this year, from numerous singles, to her ANTI album reaching No.1 on the Billboard album charts, to  a massive tour, to now this. Though Tidal had gone done did it all wrong, most critics completely agreed that it was Rihanna’s best album to date, so I guess no harm done.

Watch the trailer for the movie with Ri Ri’s new single here below:


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