Vic Mensa And Pro-LGBT Rights Anthem Halsey, Lil B & More

Vic Mensa took to the power of music to create what is an anthemic and passionate song to fight for gay rights and it’s AMAZING!

Vic Mensa
Vic Mensa

In the track that dropped on SoundCloud 17 hours ago and produced by Papi Beatz, we get a new flow to use our voices to make a stand with. In celebration of this weekend’s NYC Pride parade, Vic Mensa made his release for “Free Love,” a very politically charged contemporary R&B beat. It also includes the appearances of other star rappers and singers; it features Halsey, Malik Yusef, Lil B, and Le1f. These are some of music’s biggest LGBT supporters today!

With a simple guitar riff and a drum kick, the song commences and Vic Mensa goes into sing assertively:

“You can fuck who you want to fuck/ You can love who you want to love/ If you pride put your lighters up/ They can’t fight this flame we burning […] What ever happened to free love/ I wanna know, I wanna know.”

Vic Mensa

Before the release of the track though, Mensa took to Twitter to post an explanation for the creation of his song. He recalls when there was a time that he didn’t have the ability to fight for the LGBT community, because he never felt that personal connection to it. That was until one of his own family members came out earlier this year. Then he could not hold back and could finally see the struggles these people who can love just as much as anyone else can, if not more, deserve to be protected and fought for. Thus, a few weeks after he dropped his new project There’s Alot Going On, Mensa shared his emphatic collaboration “Free Love.” Even the cover art makes a statement with a man dressed noticeably in drag.

With that smooth, yet simple voice that delivers a consistent and contagious sound that you want to keep jamming to and many other talents, Mensa brings us a dynamic song to help free love in the most revolutionary form of self-expression. Music.

He raps:

“Life Freedom has no expiration / Is it too late for the world, living in the 21st Century / We don’t need diamonds and pearls / Freedom is not a luxury.”

His vocal assistants then come in. Lil B, the BasedGod, raps in that ambitious and eccentric form that he is known for. Le1f, who runs the hip hop label Camp & Street, utilizes his low voice and rapid-fire flow to show his rage for the topic at hand. Yusef, the spoken word man himself, flows with the beat and drops his lines with ease. And of course the alternative pop songstress, Halsey slays her verse with her rock-esque rebel sound that she carries so confidently.

In every segment of the song, the progression adds a new sound to it, building up the hatred and pain in the song and making each verse unique to its respective artist.

The Chicago rapper who organized this track also wrote an open letter to accompany the song:

[I] didn’t really feel like it was my battle to fight. I didn’t know any gay people growing up […] and I just felt as if I should stand for things I know,” he wrote. “It wasn’t until a member of my own family revealed to me that they identified as queer this year that it really started to sink in with me […] I realize now that as a creature of love, the battles of people fighting to love are also mine. And I will stand with them. Will You?

You can read the full letter in the tweet below:

The rappers come together in the end to spit out the final verse and then fade off into dialogue, speaking directly to all of their haters. Don’t hate. Appreciate.

You can listen to the track here below and march along with it:


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