The 100 Degrees Playlist – Verge Campus

The first day of summer came and suddenly the weather has been nothing but perfectly hot, but that’s not the only thing 😉 Here’s a playlist that turns up the heat to 100 Degrees, yes, you guessed it, The 100 Degrees playlist. It will just the right background music to get you ready for the sun rays and good days.


Some of us are ready to show ourselves off in our bikinis and swim trunks and ready to get this summer party started. Feeling a little sexy? Feeling in the mood to jam to some of the hottest rhythms?

Well, let’s get you the right list here, you hot bae. We’re bringing you the fire, the desire, the excitement, and the thrill! Summer is meant to be a time for you to just take time off for yourself since school can’t distract you and it’s a time to express yourself since nothing can really hold you back. You’re feeling HOT. H.O.T. hot, You feel like dancing, dreaming, loving, and more. So, accompany your travel buddy with some sick music that will almost serendipitously soundtrack your life!

From seductive R&B riffs and heavy-hitting hip-hop beats and hear-racing EDM risers, this is the playlist that makes the temperature in the room go up 100 Degrees Higher. Whether you’re in a room filled with crowded dancing people or by yourself in your room with the music blasting, this is the set list that will have you raving for days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find your epic and enticing inner islander spirit!

Notable artists on the list include: Janelle Monae, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots, Kolaj, Flume, Niykee Heaton, Usher, Kiiara, and more!

Listen to the playlist now below. Also, be sure to follow us on Spotify for more weekly playlist updates and let us know what songs and artists you want to hear on the next playlist! We gotchu’: 


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