Vic Mensa Killer 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle Touches on Violence Today

On June 14th, Vic Mensa came on air with Sway on Sway’s Universe to give what could be deemed one of the best freestyles of all time, touching upon real life issues that we face today.

He starts going off right on the beat:

“I don’t wanna talk about no beef / I don’t like pork and I don’t like police / They rather I don’t speak / Than they hear a black man speak his mind / But I’m a rap genius / You gotta read between the lines.”

He goes on to speak about some of the most serious issues we face today in our society. With absolute strength, killer rhythms, deadly lines, and killer delivery, Mensa demonstrates his incredible intelligence on societal discrimination, cultural appropriation, political challenges, and overall human rights. He continues:

“This part is for the victims lost in Orlando / Just a lot of hate, but love’s the strongest amo / Presidential candidates on the channels / Like Kerry Washington / The way they profiting off a scandal.”


With literal ease, this American hip hop recording artist & Grammy nominated songwriter from Chicago, doesn’t let a beat drop. He takes advantage of his air time to set the radio waves on fire with his voice, which he uses to speak for the people that need it most.

Mensa has been an extremely active member when it comes to equality and violence control and really has been shining in the news since the reporting of the Orlando Shootings that occurred recently. In just those 4 minutes, Mensa ruled the beat.

He makes social slurs and references big names in the entertainment industry to make the verses relatable. He spits some of the best lyrics I have ever heard in a freestyle before, and just the fact that he does it all on the spot is even more outrageously shocking!


The members of the crew were dumbfounded by the remarkableness that was Mensa’s freestyle. Sway was so happily stunned that he announced “F*k y’all talkin’ about? This is how the sh* should be done. All that pretentious, facetious, empty… this is hip hop right here, ladies and gentlemen, Vic Mensa!”

The artist also released a single titled “Free Love,” featuring Halsey, Le1f, Lil B, and Malik Yusef, which similarly harps on the topics and challenges of hate in our everyday lives. Listen to it here now.


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