Chance the Rapper & Brian Fresco in New Song “Higher”

In this new hip-hop collab that is going absolutely viral on Facebook, Brian Fresco rallies up some of hip-hop’s all stars to create his new track “Higher.”

Chance The Rapper is at it again in a new feature. This boy just doesn’t sleep, constantly making new music for his fans to bask in while we’re all still trying to get over the beauty that was Chance’s latest album release, Coloring Book. This new single is to come off of the Save Money rapper, Brian Fresco’s, upcoming mixtape Casanova, which will release July 5th. It will include the vocals of accompanying artists such as Chance The Rapper (also a part of the Save Money collective) and Blue Hawaii, a famous Montreal duo, consisting of Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex Cowan of Braids.

Chance The Rapper and Brian Fresco

This highly anticipated album, Casanova, will feature many great artists such as BJ the Chicago Kid and CJ Fly (of Pro Era), and will include the musical productions of Boi-1da and others.
In an interview with The Fader, the Chicago-native noted that:
“I wanted to try something musically I’ve never done before with my homie Trevor, and despite one of my friends telling me my heart wasn’t in it, I still knew this song was a hit. When I took it to the bro Chance, he immediately knew it was a smash as well. Shoutout to Raph and Alex from Blue Hawaii too. I know people didn’t expect this collab, but there are many more to come.”

The song is dance-trance, but still carries the contemporary R&B vibes; perfect for the mysterious, whimsical summer nights of constant whirling thoughts of passion. This is a song to definitely add to your playlists.
You can listen to the track in the SoundCloud link above, and be sure to let us know what you think!



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