Watch Lil Uzi Vert “Freestyle” For XXL

Watch Lil Uzi Vert in his “Freshman ’16” Freestyle and let us know what you think, because there are few things that could be said about it, unfortunately.

Lil Uzi Vert, originally known as Symere Woods, is an American hip hop recording artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania , who recently made the XXL Freshman Cover for 2016. Along with the other notable nominated artists such as Desiigner, Anderson .Paak, Lil Dicky, and more, the rapper was required to freestyle a few bars for the crowd to get to know him as a artist. How did he do you ask?

Not so hot. His vocals are dull, his delivery is wack, his rhymes are off. When he starts using the line about the “athe-lete,” he lost  my interest. There’s no passion behind Vert’s voice, and truly, I was kind of bored. It was better than Desiigner’s, I can fully give him that, but yet again, I was disappointed by the verses spit and spat this round. At the end, he started picking up more momentum and flow, and he ended it off well, but still, I wasn’t really inspired by it.

XXL Freshman Pic

Nonetheless, he is still a well-liked artist within the industry, signed by a big record label company, Atlantic Records, and has collaborated with big names in the industry like A$AP Ferg, Young Thug, and more. He has also had a couple of hits in his career thus far. One of them being a recent collab with Wiz Kalifa titled “Pull Up.” You can listen to the track below.

I hope the XXL team knows what they’re doing, and I hope the rest of the Freshman Class pulls their act together, because in order to make it in this industry you got to be poppin’ with those rhymes all the time. Anderson .Paak crushed his freestyle with that eccentric voice he carries and no only raps, but also sing-songs. That is what is needed now. This is a progressive time for hip-hop and you gotta be innovative. I give Vert credit, he didn’t completely strike out. It was still strong for him, but there’s room to grow. But he know’s that. In his interview (which you can watch here) with XXL he says:

“It’s definitely a different space. A lot more shows, a lot more work I gotta do. I don’t get to like just make a song and then just be chillin’. I gotta lot of work to do. Very tiring. I’ll tell you this year is very tiring. Last year, I was very lax. You can never get caught laccin’. You can’t get comfortable or nothing because that is a trait of being broke. I already been there before. You gotta stay on your feet. I’m tryna be somewhere I never been before. [Being on the cover] is cool. I know that great, great rappers in history done been on the cover.”


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