Kid Cudi Joins Pharrell To Work On New Music

Looks like the Man in the Moon, Kid Cudi, and the big singer/songwriter and producer, Pharrell Williams are collaborating on some new material for us. Wonder what they’ve got planned.

Earlier this month, Kid Cudi revealed that he’s planning to release an album this fall even though his summer album for fall Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin, is still in the works.

Cudi had already hinted to a joint track with the hip hop artist André 3000, but it looks like Mr. Rager has a lot more in store for us than just that. He teased the fans about the fact that he’s also in the studio with another artist via Twitter, and that is Pharrell!



He noted that the two artists are working together on this project and promise that a release date for the first summer album will be revealed very shortly. By the sound and tone of his tweet, it seems like we have a lot to look forward to from this expected, yet unprecedented record. Well, how about dropping it now, Cudi?! In promotion of said album, he plans to drop a few more singles along the way to satisfy your musical needs until the release days.


His most recent album, Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven, debuted at the end of last year, and the interesting thing was that it tanked. Fans were no longer fans of that kind of music that Cudi tried to experiment with. I could also agree that the sound the artist attempted at was messy and not cohesive, and most of all, it was unfamiliar to his sonic-expertise. But I commend the artist for trying, because that is what music is all about. It’s about expression and adjusting and innovating. The ill-favored reactions he received didn’t discourage Cudi from playing the game, and instead only pushed him further. He now is producing two albums simultaneously and working with a lot of big names. He thought his past album release was just misunderstood and that it was too ahead of its time. He has faith that maybe in the later future, people will realize its worth.

Since then, Cudi has shared three new songs including the Mike WiLL Made It-produced “All In,” “The Frequency,” and, just recently, “Goodbye.”

We’re rooting for you, Kid! Show us what you got!

Listen to “Goodbye” below!


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