Frank Ocean Updates Website With Promises Of New Album This Month

Earlier this morning, we were blessed (or cursed, however you see it) with another hint from the contemporary R&B artist who stole hearts and then broke them with his music, Frank Ocean.

Ocean’s website, which has seemed to be stagnate for the past few centuries, was finally updated with new graphics of a card with stamped dates crossed out or just messily put across. The one that obviously stands out the most, and the last date shown is “July 2016.” What this seems to imply is that his new album Boys Don’t Cry would be coming out, finally, sometime this month!

You have permission to scream at the top of your lungs.


It seems that all of this time, Ocean had been in the studios working hard on his music. Sources had told us that he would release his music when he was ready to, but that didn’t settle the eager and anxious crowd who wanted more Ocean in their daily playlists.

The reactions received on Twitter to this mind-blowing and exciting announcement was nothing short of ecstatic, since this is such a rarity from the 28-year old singer, songwriter, and rapper. The only sneak peek to the album that we have was a song that leaked back in February of this year. A few artists, such as James Blake, gave us information into the artistry of this new project and confirmed that there is a new album, so no one get skeptical now. He even said that it’s better than his debut effort, Channel Orange.” Blake said that “he is onto something, he really is.” Blake also had worked with Ocean on his own recent album, The Colour In Anything, penning the songs “Always,” and “My Willing Heart.” Nonetheless, everyone is more than overjoyed to know that the man with the “Pink Matter,” will be sharing more music and that we will hear the beautiful vocals and rap lyrics from the man who went missing!

Hopefully we won’t be fooled this time. Please. Thanks.

Check out some of the fans’ comments below and you can check out the new updated website here.





Some fans were still faithless in the artist, and it’s understandably so. He’s like the boy who cried wolf, or just an on-and-off relationship. We kept expecting music, but then he would only ditch us, leaving us with nothing. However, we all still stay true to the artists because we are the OG fans, and we can excuse a little false information for our real love, if we just channel the orange. Let’s hope we really are gifted with his new album!





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