Dillon Francis Remixes Phantoms’ “Call My Name” For a New Summer Jam


Dillon Francis had disappeared for a little while from a radars, but just a little bit, because now he’s back with a new remix for us to jam to in lieu of the holiday craze phase that everyone’s in.

With the extended holiday weekend coming up, Francis hits the studio boards and follows up his past Galantis remix back in May with a new fresh version of the Phantoms’ “Call My Name” ft. Skylar Astin (Yes, from Pitch Perfect).

Dillon Francis

The original is simple and vibey with male falsettos lining the way. It’s got that 80’s pop sound with a better 21st century twist. But prepare yourselves for the ultimate Francis rendition that will get you moving. The track already starts off right away fast-paced, and the music dulled out behind the vocals and instead encompassed by the sounds of other tunes and rhythms. Of course the riser leads up to a super sick dubstep plated compilation for the drop. Francis manages to take an electro-pop track and turn into the perfect club night out banger.

We would expect no less from the rager himself. You can stream Francis’ latest above! Let us know what you think and will you be adding this to your playlists?

In other recent news about the American DJ, as well as, moombahton and electro house producer master he has just uploaded what is the first installment of his reality show rip off, DJ World. The YouTube series is a hysterical parody MTV’s The Real World and instead puts 6 aspiring DJs in one house, and things get real… or not so much… very quickly. In this very classic and comical Francis fashion, he acts as many roles and many personalities, some you’ll love, some you’ll hate, and some you’ll mostly hate.

You can watch the trailer to the new TV series below:


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