Jamie XX Drops New Visuals for the Track “Gosh”


Coming off of his album In Colour, Jamie xx, the English producer/ DJ just revealed new visuals for the single “Gosh.”

Take a lap through the dystopian city of Paris from Jamie XX’s world. This debut studio album was extremely successful which was released last year. The English producer/DJ, also known as the The XX frontman, just revealed a new visual for the track “Gosh,” on July 1st. Directed by Romain Gavras, who also worked on M.I.A.’s “Born Free,” this new music video offers an interpretation of the song I’m sure many didn’t originally have in mind.

Jamie xx takes you on a  5 minute journey of ominous angles, white-powdered faces, and mystical tunes. The whole cinematic exposé will have you saying oh my “Gosh.” The clip features all of these young kids in white, driving through some desolate parts of a run down city and needless to say, it’s freaky! Watch it above now! Will Jamie xx surprise us with any other freaky visuals?

Jamie XX

The track itself is a beautifully constructed piece, full of ups and downs and heavy-hitting wall pounding jolts made solely by synthesizers. Jamie XX himself knows the artistry behind the song, hence the artistry behind the clip.

Jamie XX
The entirety of the visual is surreal, overwhelming, energetic, and erotic. You can’t help but fill that something is about to happen, something insane, but instead you are only left in a perpetual spot of wonder and disillusionment. It’s all so beautiful and yet so haunting, that you want to keep watching, just to find out if you’re missing something.


Check The List for Tour Dates: (Summer 2016)

07-01 Marmande, France – Garorock Festival
07-02 London, England – BST Hyde Park
07-03 Pont du Gard, France – Lives Au Pont
07-08 Kinross, England – T in the Park
07-09 London, England – Sunfall
07-14 Lisbon, Portugal – Superbock
07-15 Benicassim, Spain – Benicassim Festival
07-16 Gräfenhainichen, Germany – Melt Festival
08-12 Oslo, Norway – Oya Festival
08-13 Gothemburg, Sweden – Way Out West Festival
08-14 Helsinki, Finland – Flow Festival
09-03-04 Philadelphia, PA – Made in America Festival

You can listen to the rest of the album below:


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