The 4th Playlist – Happy Epic Fourth of July

Happy 4th, everyone! Today is a day of independence, a day of assertion, and celebration! What better way to do that all than with the right playlist? You’re invited to the ultimate Fourth Of July rager fest!

Today, let the sparklers fly, let the food grill, let the sun shine, and enjoy this playlist of epic independence day proportions! Whether your choice of poison is beer or wine, this playlist will soundtrack your festivities perfectly! It’s the pool party playlist, it’s the dance playlist, it’s the fireworks playlist, it’s the family relay games playlist, it’s the beach day playlist, it’s the cookout playlist! It does it all! All of the fam will enjoy this!

This track list includes artists from the likes of Cash Cash, 3LAU, Kygo, Calvin Harris, Icona Pop, Broods, and Kolaj. But of course there are many many more! Remix your party a little bit, and if you’re usually the hip hop lord or the indie extraordinaire, there is a lot of EDM because we’re trying to electrify this party! Red, white, and blue flying everywhere!

For me, the song to jam out to especially is “Firestone” by the one and only Kygo. You can’t go wrong with the song that burns a flame in your soul and gets you all excited for the summer sun and vibes. The xylophone sounds with the dispersed jingles and trop-house charisma is all you need to get you moving. It’s fast and it’s slow and it gets your heart racing as you watch those fireworks fly!


So, why don’t you press that follow button and get cookin’? 😉

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