Chance the Rapper Connects With Supa Bwe for “Fool Wit It Freestyle”

Supa Bwe decided to celebrate the Fourth of July with us all with the release of his new mixtape, Dead Again 3!

This 12-track project incorporates a lot of new rhythms, a lot of new sounds, and a lot of sick collaborations including the likes of Chance the Rapper, Twista, Mick Jenkins, and UG Vavy. But by far, of all of the songs on this album, “Fool Wit It Freestyle,” is the best featuring the best, the Coloring Book king, Chance the Rapper.

Both fellow Chicago rappers have unique deliveries and flows that reflect off each other very well on the mellowed-out track.  It’s slow, but just the right amount of energy to keep you grooving along with the beat. We know Chance can freestyle, we were proven that back when he did the Based Freestyle Mixtapes with Lil B. But in this particular track, he reminds us fans how even with all of the fame and hype from his studio work, he hasn’t lost his skills of the art of impulsive rap lines. In fact, his skills seem to be heightened and even more well-polished. Dare to challenge him now? You can hear the track above!

Album art from ‘Dead Again 2’

“I go full on when I rehearse, run it back like reverb/Wonder if they care how many cigarettes in each verse/Fee-fee on a feature, shaking like a seizure/Sounding like a seashell, wonder if I sell my T-shirt,” raps Chance. This new track came after the “Baby Blue” singer featured on Brian Fresco’s dancehall tune “Higher,” which also collaborated with Blue Hawaii.

Bwe, the triphop artist ,shared his Dead Again 3 mixtape, and all that can be said about is that it’s a great piece of work. This new project is a follow up from his last installment of his Dead Again series- so clearly the third edition. Bwe serves up some hot new compositions and experiments with vocal incantations and swift and melodic instrumentals. It’s as hype as hip hop and rap, but as soulful, expressive, and improv as R&B and Jazz. His music always makes the perfect Sunday chill soundtrack or road trip playlist. It’s trippy and vibey, what more could you want? You can listen to the mixtape fully below:


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