Desiigner Performs Future’s “I Got the Keys” During Atlantic City Club Gig

Many people have mistaken the 2016 XXL Freshman rapper, Desiigner, to that of the hip-hop heavy weight, Future. Their voices are very identical in that their tone is deep and bellowing, they both use synths, and they exude the hype vibe.

Following the success of “Panda,” it’s not hard to hear that Desiigner takes a bit of his sound from Future’s delivery. But all in all, of course the two do not want to be called identical and nor do they want to be constantly compared to each other.  Future even tried to say that he’d rather have Desiigner’s name (just his name!) taken off his Rolling Stone cover feature, and requested requesting that reporter Brian Hiatt do it right away. He said, “I never worried about anyone else… I don’t even want his name in the article.” Wow. Touchy, huh?

But it’s understandable. Just like a Disney channel-star trying to break out of the childhood innocence look and move toward adulthood, so are Future and Desiigner trying to break out of their supposed resemblance and be their own, one unique artists.


But the G.O.O.D. Music signee has caused the situation to emerge again when he performed Future’s collaboration track with DJ Khaled and Jay Z “I Got the Keys.” He made this performance at a show he did in Atlantic City’s Premier Nightclub, and from it a video spread throughout the internet (which you can watch below). Whether Desiigner is honoring future or causing more competition, no one knows, but he definitely did not help the case at hand. The Future/Desiigner jokes are just going to keep coming and churning as long as they can’t distinguish one from the other. Whoops.

Watch Desiigner perform the Future track below and let us know what you think? Do they sound the same? Did one do better than the other? Can you even tell the difference?


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