Jay Electronica Teases New Music & Advises Fans to “Get Tidal”

The innovative rapper, Jay Electronica, has been laying low lately, but he has been releasing some array of singles every so often, and collaborated with some artists (like Chance the Rapper). It’s been close to 9 year since we’ve heard Electronica actually drop a full-length album-it might be time, man.

We’ve been waiting for music from the man with the deep , bellowing voice and the heavy rhythmic tunes, and fans are almost as hurt as they were when Frank didn’t drop his project. Looks like Electronica knows it too because he has promised for some new music to come! The Roc Nation signee hit up Twitter last night to let the constantly questioning fans know that he appreciates their patience and dedicated loyalty to him and his music. Right after though, he quickly made a point to advise his followers that they should all get Tidal. Oh?

Hear him out on this though, for someone to take so long to produce something new, it’s got to be good. No one would go through so much time and effort for 1 project. So maybe the artist means it this time when he says he’s got some really special stuff in store for us!

In February, Electronica dropped “The Curse of Mayweather,” and then he appeared on Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book with a verse on “How Great.”

With a mysterious and magical Twitter series, the artist gave a secret message teasing the new material he plans to reward us with. “The first part is called the “Pledge,” Jay tweeted, with a link to“Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge).” “The second act is called #TheTurn,” he continued. “This is where #TheMagician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something EXTRAORDINARY.”

“To all those who have been patient with me and supported me over the years, thank you,” he added. “And get #Tidal.”

Ya, he totally stole this from the Christopher Nolan film The Prestige, but he caught your attention, no? Also, his music is only coming out on Tidal, so clearly he’s a little bias towards the music streaming service.

You can check out all of the tweets below, and be sure that you’re watching closely:



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