Prince and His Web Presence Has Been Turned into an Online Museum

Two months since the music legend’s passing, people are still talking about Prince and his artistic prowess and contribution to society. But now people have come up with a new way to deify the man of purple rain, and that is by way of an online museum of all things Prince.

In honor of the musician’s avant-garde online presence, a team of web designers and engineers worked closely together with him to create an online museum that was dedicated to the multiple websites he launched throughout his career. An avid innovator in many ways, Prince launched over 20 websites, setting up platforms for online stores and download managers before they became an industry standard.


Prince recognized the significance of social media presence way before other celebrities could and so he juggled various accounts to chat with his fans directly from all over the world. He was fully aware of the fact that these technological relations threatened artist’s rights, but he did this in hopes of liberating musicians of middlemen. Many of his sites are now a bit outdated for today’s age, but at the time, they thrived as interactive pages for fans to enjoy dating back to the year 1994.

Nonetheless, the always fashion forward and creative connoisseur, was the  official recipient of a 2006 Webby Award. So by developing The Prince Online Museum, which archives 12 of his most popular sites (but does not acknowledge the fact that he had launched over 20 URLS in total), it carries the legacy of a  man who truly adored his fans and his music and had a passion to be unique and innovative.

“The Museum was built by the people who worked directly with Prince on these project,”  said Museum director Sam Jennings, who continued to explain, “We are the originators, we are the experts. It is a labor of love, no money has been exchanged. There will be no downloads sold and no membership fees required. But we do have working versions of almost all of Prince’s official websites.”

If you notice, Jennings mentioned that the project is maintained by people who had worked with Prince in the past on the original websites. He was very well connected, always cutting edge, and truly talented.


The following websites are featured in the museum: (2013) (2013) (2009) (2007) (2006) (2004-2006) (2003) (2002) (2001)
-NPG Music Club v1 (2001), screen gallery (2000) (1999) (1999) (1997) (1996), screen gallery
-Prince Interactive (1994), walkthrough

Here is the official museum site now for your enjoyment!


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