Calvin Klein Casts Frank Ocean For New Campaign and Commercial

Recently on Snapchat, Calvin Klein decided to switch out their frontrunner celebrity ambassador, Justin Bieber, for someone a little unexpected, Frank Ocean.

In the past, the large fashion enterprise had icons such as Kendrick Lamar, Fetty Wap, and more! Now, they have a whole new look to add to their Klein recruits for this season’s campaign. We get a sneak peak into the new style pioneers in the Calvin Klein’s newest snapchat discover, which was revealed last Thursday! The company that is known for not only its name and faces, but also for fostering some of fashion’s most forward designs, is constantly being innovative in its ways of advertisement It’s an entity that understands which artists are catching the general public’s interest and uses them to methodically market their luxurious and casual product.


The 2016 Fall Season campaign will include such artists as: Young Thug, James Rodriguez, Kate Moss, Grace Coddington, Henry Rollins, Margot Robbie, Cameron Dallas, and as mentioned before, Frank Ocean. What an eclectic array of individuals. They all were showcased on the app that day and through a series of Snapchat videos, they expressed what it is to fall in love, what the word actually, and the art of flirting.

Ocean, being one of the more fascinating and peculiar members of the team, was very into all of the aesthetic of the commercial. The artist cleans up well for this commercial and comments extremely profound statements around the topics given to him. In one particular dramatic advert that you can see above, Ocean is wearing his Calvin Klein underwear and also a suit and black T, and is talking about the meaning of music, love, and fantasy to him. “If you keep it up for four or five weeks, and then you stop, you feel like you’re missing something in your day. That’s what music is for me – it feels like a necessary act,” says the Channel Orange creator. He continues, “It takes a mind to worry, a conscience to feel ashamed, but there’s no place to hide out here. You romanticize what’s in the past – which is fantasy, but it’s not how I want it done. Fantasy plays the role of a supplement. You draw on fantasy to make things hyper-real.” So, what does that mean Ocean? Care to make any of these into songs? Maybe for a new album or something? Just throwing it out there.

The visual is ominous, yet chill. It is colorful in parts and dull in others, as Ocean moves around an isolated square room, sits against the wall, performs magic tricks, and ponders the words he is trying to express. It seems that time has not aged him at all, and nor has the complaints about asking him for new music. You can  watch this now above.

Getty Images: Frank Ocean

The campaign always follows an erotic and existential, yet simple hook line to introduce a new cast, “I ______ in #mycalvins,”  and you can see it in the tweet below. Though this visual is enticing and suavé, fans are still wondering if the now #mycalvins model will ever release #hisalbum.

Do you think this is exciting to see Ocean in a new artistic campaign? Or do you think it’s just another reason for him to procrastinate the production of his album to supposedly come this month, Boys Don’t Cry ? Perhaps he’s making a name for himself again, to delineate his music and the man behind it all.o that people will refresh their memories of him, dust off the pink matter, and ready themselves for a long overdue masterpiece. Stay tuned to find out.


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