Major Lazer Collaborates w/ Bieber, Sheeran, MØ, and Benny Blanco

Major Lazer is recruiting a sick band of artists to create a new single entitled, “Cold Water.” Who does it include? Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, , and Benny Blanco!

What a star-studded set up. The great producing trio is ready to jump at the studio boards and start this new track and ready to give it a dynamic element of various vocalists. News got out about the song last month when at a Beats 1 Radio Broadcasting session, Diplo disclosed that a forthcoming tune called “Cold Water,” would be coming out this summer! Billboard then released the rest of the artists’ names that would appear on the record.

Ed Sheeran

Now we know that the single is to come out sometime later this month of July! How do we know? Well, the Purpose pop-artist may have snuck a little hint today in one of his tweets:

We can expect something great out of this track since there have been countless hits from Major Lazer (consisting of Jillionaire, Diplo, and Walshy Fire), including their widely beloved dance-house album Peace Is The Mission. In addition, we also know that Jbiebs had produced music in the past with the trop-house producer, Diplo, for his project and especially for the hit single of last summer “Where Are Ü Now” with Skrillex. MØ has been making a name for herself as she makes and develops her music and sound and she recently released a song that would be many people’s summer anthem “Final Song.” And last, but certainly not least, Blanco is now a rapper and producer who’s style of electronic manipulation will fit perfectly along the pop of the vocalists, the synthetic tunes of the DJs, and the guitar riffs of the musician.

Benny Blanco

The track will be played on Beats 1 Radio again when it is ready for release, but for now, all we can do is listen to the individual artists’ soundtracks and picture in our heads what the A-lister crew is going to sound like when they join forces in this epic track of electronic, hip hop, and pop sound. Be sure to stay tuned in to find out more of when “Cold Water” will be released, so that you can be the first to hear it! Bieber might drop us another note of its progress.





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