Rich the Kid is Not Playing Around, Drops His Second EP This Year

We all already heard about it, Rich the Kid finally dropped what is his second EP, Rich Forever II, and apparently it’s super solid!

In this full-length studio album by the young rapper, he collaborates with a lot of well-known artists of the hip hop world such as Jaden Smith, Playboi Carti,  XXL 2016 Freshman classmates Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty, and Calvin Klein ambassador Young Thug. His first Rich Forever mixtape released back in April of this year, but now he’s back for another round of showing you, he’s here forever.

Album Artwork for Rich Forever II

Of course, with his cartoon album artwork, it’s hard to think that the kid has had much experience in the music world, but before you start assuming, Kid actually had worked with big names like PARTYNEXTDOOR. So yeah, he’s got the experience. This Atlanta rapper has constructed what is an 11-track soundtrack of trip-hop/rap flow. Each track follows into the next really easily and it’s pretty amazing to think that a whole album was produced, just 3 months after he had dropped his first album. That is the opposite of procrastination, children. The trip-hop artist plays and manipulates with the sound of his instrumentals, creating a versatile and martian-like tone in his music. With his delivery of off rhythm beats and tunes, rambunctious noises, whiney violins, and trap-beat drums and snares, the album actually might come together.

Pitchfork: Rich the Kid

In more news about Kid, he was proud to announce the creation of his very own and new record label, Rich Forever Music. (But of course.) And as a starter for the growing Rich squad, his first signee is Famous Dex.

All in all, a lot of people very much enjoyed Kid’s sequel project that he just released. I personally felt it was a bit messy in parts, but then again, that chaos is kind of what makes Rich the Kid’s brand. It is his sound. You can now stream the entirety of the mixtape above. So sit back, take a hit at the new Rich Forever numero dos, and be sure to let us know what you think of it.


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