SoundCloud Introduces Its Newest Update to “Stations” Feature

SoundCloud recently made the announcement that would revolutionize the way you utilized their “Stations” feature forever!

On the SoundCloud blog, it was made known that the music streaming service was making adjustments and tweaks to the radio option that they launched for their site earlier this year. It was originally a design that would allow you to create your own station, just like Spotify’s “Start Radio” option. The plan for SoundCloud is that you create a “Station” which finds music that is similar to recent stream of music you were listening to. All you would do is click on their ellipses icon on a particular track you wished for and then it would build off of that into a playlist of songs, like Pandora.



The reasoning behind this feature was to create a more dynamic way you experienced music and discovered new music. But now, the site is adding a way to start a station from the artist’s profile page.  This would then be saved to your Collection. This way you could return to what you were last listening to if you really enjoyed it! It’s really that simple. You can move back and forth between artists and tracks, and guess how this all works? Via algorithms.

Yup, just pure math is able to garner the power to discover your music taste. It is much like, but also different to the “Suggested Tracks” feature because it still is exposing you to material you would enjoy, but it also is giving you a longer list of music that is what you want, but also new stuff that you should be listening to! It’s practically music shopping, but better!


The blog noted that if you have a SoundCloud Go subscription, you will have access to track “from the entire 125 million strong catalog” that “will show up in Stations and Suggested Tracks.” But no worries if you don’t because you still have an enormous amount of musical opportunities on the free version.

You’re basically tapping into your own world of music that fits your ear drum’s desires. What more could you want? Everyone is different, everyone is individual, and every song is too. So why not experience it personally, the way you want to?


It’s an endless world of experience. A musical journey. A discovery of sound from artists all over the place. It benefits you and it benefits the artists trying to make their music known and trying to reach out to you. They say “Stations and Suggested Tracks are part of a larger effort we’re undertaking to make it easier for you to find new artists to love and revisit the artists you already do.”

Sounds like a pretty good deal, if you ask me. So what are you waiting for? Get to SoundCloud now here.


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