Actor Ansel Elgort Releases First EDM Track On SoundCloud As DJ Ansolo

Say hello to a new producer to the EDM scene, DJ Ansolo, best known as the actor and leading man of the film The Fault In Our Stars

The young man, who stole so many hearts, is now ready to show off some of his new tricks, and is stepping away from the silver screen and behind a sound board to head into the EDM world for a change. Most people were shocked when they heard the the DJ Ansolo was an actual thing, but surely, his close friendship with the “Animals,” Netherland DJ, Martin Garrix, influenced him a lot. The two have been seen together all over the world, and in fact, they may as well be besties.

Martin Garrix & Ansel Elgort (DJ Ansolo)

In an interview Garrix conducted with Elgort for a TeenVogue segment, the artist said:

“What makes Ansel so cool is his easygoing personality. He’s the most humble guy, and he’s always true to himself. He is supertalented, but still the same person I met last October. And he produces his own music, which is a big deal in an industry where most people hand that job over to someone else. We send each other tracks, and we’ve played onstage together — but our friendship is about more than just music; he’s like a brother to me.”

And when Garrix asked Ansolo about his music, Ansolo noted:

“My senior year of high school. I began DJing for fun. My friend taught me on a computer with Traktor DJ, and I would play for classmates at parties. But I really fell in love with dance music when I was 18. It took a year before I made anything I was really happy with.”

So, he has actually been working with music for some time now! Clearly the two have spent a lot of time together, and we’re guessing during that time, Garrix was sharing some tips to Ansolo in music production. Many had heard that he was going to be creating music, but no one knew when he was going to release them. Now the 22-year old feels comfortable and ready enough to drop his first EDM single to the world via SoundCloud, entitled “Home Alone.” You can listen to it above.


Personally, the track could do a lot better. It has amazing vocals, and an amazing electronic blueprint; however, It’s missing that element of structure, or more or less, cleanliness. The synths are slightly loose, the vocals are mildly off beat, and the tunes together need a little more sewing up in the seams. I think for a first track, though, it’s a great start! A fantastic one in fact, considering how difficult it is to build such pieces. He even follows the right rules of EDM. He has the bellowing vocals, the snare hits, the warped chord progressions, the synths, the subwoofer base, the whiny trills, a riser, and of course, a drop. Admittedly, his drop is very good! It definitely had the potential of being a hit summer jam with a little more mixing and mastering.

The Hollywood sweetheart can pull heart strings, but not sure how much he can pull chord strings.


I want to praise the kid though for giving it a shot. Like I said, it isn’t easy work, and the fact that he still managed to produce a cohesive and jam-worthy tune is impressive. So, solid effort, Ansolo! We’re all looking forward to whether you can develop your sound a little more and what new ideas you’ll come up with along the way!

What did you think of the track?


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