JimmySoDope Preparing To Release Album ‘The Art of Breaking Hearts,’ Teaser Tracks Here

JimmySoDope, is a hip hop & rap artist born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Though young, this artist has been able to release numerous projects and is now ready to drop what is another album to add to his growing list, titled The Art of Breaking Hearts.

Songwriting is a process, one that is long and hard, but for Jimmy, that does not seem to be a problem. This new project, that is to be released on August 8th of this summer, will be his seventh album and it will have a lot to offer. In the past the artist has played around with different genres and concepts of musical composition in the rap realm. He continues to ameliorate and develop with each record he puts out and has become a big hit amongst bloggers. The release of his first single is to be revealed on tomorrow, Monday, July 11th, and you can listen to his two teaser tracks above.


Fans of his have been waiting patiently for the anticipated album, and expect for another eclectic construction from the performer, JimmySoDope, formerly known as Jimmy Dyce. Before all of this, back in 2010, he had came into the hip hop / poetry scene, but not once every stopped working to climb the ladder.

What is intriguing about his sound is that within every single one of his projects from the past, they each fostered a different personality- a new kind of aura and persona that it could take form of. Each one caters to an individual’s personal musical taste.

Among his multiple albums, McDopeman has a martian-like, video-game sound, with a little like Galaxy sampling and is weird all over. It fits to those eccentric rappers who enjoy the sounds of those like Childish Gambino or Anderson .Paak or Tyler the Creator.


For his project #SaturdaySoDope, he uses classical instruments and each song is an R&B twist of hip hop and a broadway classical. My favorite song in particular is “Insomniac” off the album. The interesting aspect of this project in particular is that it was created over the course of 18 Saturdays- September – December of 2015.

The Evolution of Jimmy Dyce is optimistic and fun, and exudes nothing but good vibes. Jimmy channels his inner Chance the Rapper and spits out verses with confidence. On the record, there are tracks  produced by The Alchemist and a single collaborated with B.O.B. You can listen to the project below.

Needless to say this artist is building a musical empire under his name, and he’s getting a lot of experience to grow his portfolio and his fanbase.

Here are some more links for your enjoyment to Jimmy’s previous works that he released; give them a listen and tell us what you think:

#SaturdaySoDope  –
Los Reyes
Evolution Of Jimmy Dyce


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