Artist Spotlight: Hip Hop Artist Dorren Pierre Releases Newest Album ‘Unknwn’

Imagine combining Kendrick Lamar’s album premise and power to a Childish Gambino/Frank Ocean sound, and you get hip hop artist Dorren Pierre.

Pierre is a skilled rapper of his art. He originates from Springfield, MA, a small town in the state where a lot doesn’t happen much, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t dreamers and succeeders like this young man. He entered the hip hop scene back when he was younger and now he’s in his twenties and making more music than he could have imagined. He moved to New York, where he resides now, to keep painting sonically and build a foundation for his music to grow.

After countless months of constructing his music, Pierre has now found the sound he wanted to perfect what is his newest EP release titled Unknwn. You can listen to it above.

Album Artwork ‘Unknwn’

The compilation is emotional, striking, enigmatic, and action-packed. You follow each song and then find yourself hearing breaks in between of certain audio, monologues and episodes. You journey down a yellow-brick road of another dimension lined with heavy-hitting beats, eerie synths, hard snare snaps, fast-paced lyrics, and electronic trills. His big hit was “On To Something,” which was also his first single off his EP, and is one of the lighter sounding songs he performs. strong Certain songs off the album are bangers and others are jazzy, smoother tunes. The entirety of 12-track accumulation was produced by numerous people, and even then, they all are consistent. You can feel the intensity of the scenes occurring in each track, as if you are there living it out in reality with the artist.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.02.30 AM.png
Photographer: @jjolieth

With a music video out for “Who Can You Trust” as well, he is truly forming a story line for his masterpiece like a professional. I had the privilege of getting to know the young artist who has done so much with his work and he has really and truly developed his own unique sound and vision. The video produced by October demonstrates the mysterious, thoughtful, dark, and creative side of the Massachusetts-native. You can watch the visual below.

The artist told Niyah Nel, a journalist for HipHopSince1987, that:

“Where I’m from there’s more people chasing nightmares than dreams. My name is Dorren Pierre and I’m from Springfield, MA and in the field life isn’t what you make it, for most it’s whatever it gives you.”

In this EP though, he faces the struggles and issues everyone faces on a daily basis; even if that means chasing a nightmare down to reach a dream. To him the music represents the relatable and authentic aspects of life and he wants to do what’s right with his music in order to “inspire his city.”  he’s dealing with issues we all at sometime have had to deal with.

Art Direction: Vs7

It’s no secret that this artist has what it takes to make it big, and I mean that.

To hear more from the artist check out his SoundCloud now here.

And you can stay up to date on what the artist is up to by following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


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