Let’s Get Wild: Tyler, the Creator Reveals Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Dates

Tyler, The Creator is prepping himself for another of carnival-esque adventures with his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Dates finally revealed!

This year’s festival will mark the fifth annual year to for the event to take place, and it will be held in Los Angeles, California. The entirety of the magical music fest will span over the course of two whole days of November 12th and  November 13th at Exposition Park! A beautiful venue for sure, out in the open sunshine area of Cali.

Here is an image of the flyer in all of its childish, exotic, and energetic glory:


Not many people have heard from the former Odd Future artist except for a few remixes, covers, and features, but this event has fans hyped everywhere! He’s currently touring around as we speak, but this is a set two-days of his own for the fifth consecutive year. And because of such high demand, this is why it became a two-day event. Over 30,000 tickets were sold in 2015, so managers feared and hoped that this year would be the same, looks like they weren’t wrong. People have already swarmed to the site to get their tickets, and you can get yours here too!

As of now, only the dates of the event have been revealed by the “Slater” singer and rapper, but what we do know as that it will always consist of a fire line-up due to artists who have performed in the past. Some of those artists include A$AP Rocky, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, and Pharrell. So, yeah, you could say we have high expectations.


Tyler has been known for many talents. A man of his art, he is known to be an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, musician, graphic designer, music video director, and actor! What is there he can not do?

In other related news, his ex-group mate, Frank Ocean, is intending to release his newest album, Boys Don’t Cry, this month, thanks to a recent website update that occurred. Do you think that Ocean might show up at the camp event in November?

Stay tuned!

Now, you must watch the alien-master remix Zayn Malik’s track “Pillowtalk.” Behold, Tyler, the musical, remixer genius, Creator!

(Video courtesy of Highsnobiety)


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