Steve Aoki & Autoerotique Release New Single and Music Video “ILYSM” For New EP


Steve Aoki, the king of dance music, has a new EP as well as a new track and music video, and the single is so good that it could be the next party starter.

Aoki is best noted for his exciting and charismatic beats with a slippery smooth riser that then pummels into a sick, driven out drop. Now the producer has a 4-track EP titled 4OKI that is due to be released by his record label, Dim Mak, on July 29th of this summer! The first single off the project is “ILYSM” co-produced with artist Autoerotique, which samples Brandy’s famous song “I Wanna Be Down.”

To compliment the track, he offers a beautiful, captivating and erotic visual starring the stunning supermodel Shaun Ross. This first installment is part of a 4-part video series that will clearly story line each track from the upcoming record. It will then create a short film for the audience to enjoy as they follow the artistic direction and eye of the LA-videographer David “Yarvo” Yarovesky.

Untitled.pngJust like this visual, the 4 videos will all be in black & white, will all include one protagonist to focus on throughout the music session, and some sort of plot line that in the end ties all of the four together. This first one is called “Mary” and obviously tells her tale. You can watch the video above and listen to the song below:

The track could be considered the ultimate rager song, blasting at the highest of volumes in clubs and toned down for the killer vibe-y night lounge. At a party, it would have you moving, swaying, bouncing, and totally forgetting everything going on a round you except the dancing occurring in the moment. It’s the total in-the-zone track that keeps you bumpin’ to it’s melody and beat.

And be prepared, because that may have just been the first video revealed, but next week another piece of the puzzle will come out, then another the next, and then another up until the final release day! Practically like a countdown through cinematic exposés.

The whole EP (not that there’s much) will feature collaborations with artists such as  Autoerotique, Shaun Frank, MORTEN and Reid Stefan. The album will be as dark, as futuristic, as unworldly, and as mysteriously bold as any other Aoki project has been in the past.

Steve_Jersey_1 (Main 4OKI Press Photo).jpg

Aoki has made it big for himself in this industry. Whether he’s being a Grammy-nominated international producer/DJ, or a record label founder and CEO (Dim Mak), or a fashion designer icon, or music mogul, the man has been killing it since 1996. He discovered bands through scouting such as Bloc Party and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the field from the likes of Kid Ink, Waka Flocka Flame, and, Linkin Park, Rivers Cuomo, NERVO, Rich The Kid, Felix Jaehn, Adam Lambert and iLoveMakonne (just to namea few). He even graced our musical earbuds to the sounds of J.J. Abrams who narrates the outro for the album. One of his biggest recent hits from Spring and for the summer is “Back 2 U” featuring Boehm and WALK THE MOON.


4OKI will include all of the necessities of constructing a solid compilation. What does that include? Glad you asked: old school beats, jazzy sounds, electronic tropes (synths, snares, and subwoofers), maniacally intricate twists of sound, complex vocals, tropical Miami-like melodies, and clandestine emotions.

Excited to hear his new release? We are too! But for now, listen to what he’s got for you above and end of July will come a lot sooner than you think.

Be sure to follow this EDM explorer, as he preps to release a fire project for you all:




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