Chance The Rapper Parties W/ Justin Timberlake At Peyton Manning’s Retirement Celebration

The Coloring Book artist had a lot of fun last night when he seemingly crashed what was Peyton Manning’s retirement party last night.

On Monday, July 11th, Manning was celebrating his departure from the NFL at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel. It was a sad day for all when the football all star announced his retirement, but that didn’t stop him from exiting with a bang! According to certain sources, the event was a huge celebrity hub, yet no one had heard about it at all, not even on social media. However, Chance took a photo with the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” singer, Justin Timberlake, where they all seemed buddy-buddy for the night! The photo-op that was posted at 1:44 AM this Tuesday morning was proof that Manning did turn up for the night! Pics or it didn’t happen?

Chris Mench, of Complex notes that Chance may have not actually been invited to the part, but he invited himself anyways, letting himself in and then joining JT for the rest of the party. Ya, they were – j-chillin. In the picture that he posted on Twitter shown below, he captioned the image “currently crashing Peyton Manning’s retirement party.” Oh, how elusive, Chance.

Well good for you, Chance. Hope you had fun!

In other news, Manning has been doing well, and has been making sure to make the most of his down time since his last speech in March.  It has been reported that Timberlake, the actor, singer, and record producer, will be presenting the Icon Award to Manning during this week’s event of the ESPYs. Think Chance would crash that extravaganza too? Maybe Manning will crash on of Chance’s house parties next.


We’re still waiting to find out if the two artists, JT and LilChano, who took that pic together, were plotting to collab on a track someday, but for now, we’ll just have to keep pleading until they do.


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