FKA Twigs Gives Stunning Performance in Moscow To Debut Her New Music

FKA Twigs has been sharing her new music with the world, literally, as she performs all of the new material at a performance in Moscow, Russia on Friday night.

This alien-goddess performs with her band an amazing production of her new music and the crowd remains in awe with the costumes, and of course, the songs.

The tracks are very much like her past work in that they’re dreamy, un-earthly, and transcendental. They bring you to the Twigs dimension of nonsense and beauty. Twigs hits her iconic high-pitched note and gives off her indie 80’s sound. The tribal seductress with her white dreadlocks was a showstopper as the entirety of the live event was dramatic, erotic, choreographic, and experiential. She had much to do with the symbolism of hands, making it a stunning, awkward, and seductive visual live display on stage. You can watch the videos below of this article.

All images via @stonemilkr of Pigeons & Planes

The concert took place at the first-time showing of the Lastochka Festival in the beautiful Russian environment with food, dancing, games, artists, and so much more. The set was adorned by physically shaped hand figures. The costumes were exotic. The music was slow but loud. She performed her single that she released earlier in the year titled “Good to Love.” Listen to it here.

This dark princess had the chance to debut three of her new songs during her set. One of those songs was “Radiant Me.” Twigs had been very active that day on her socials posting on Twitter and Facebook about plans and expectations. She recently had posted a rehearsal picture for “Radiant Me2” that displayed mute dancers.

After her performance in Russia, she said she would be performing the show for a series of seven dates (at least) between July 9 and 23, one of those being at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago.

FKA Twigs was not the only star of the show that day though. She was accompanied and followed-up by artists Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Icona Pop. So needless to say, it was a dance party. Watch the videos below to see Twigs perform at the festival!

Further References: ConsequenceOfSound; Pigeons & Planes

Videos Via Pigeons & Planes/YouTube


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