Gucci Mane Appears in Supreme Apparel Ad

Gucci Mane isn’t fronting any more stuff from the Gucci store, instead he’s showing off some Supreme.

Ya, ya. He just got out of prison, but that doesn’t mean he can’t work it! The Trap God rapper hasn’t been sitting for one second since getting out. He’s been on countless collaborations, releasing his own new music, performing live, and now showing up in commercials.

Supreme recruited the artist to star in their latest campaign ad, demonstrating the casualty and comfortability and swag of their brand. The visual was directed by Harmony Korine. Korine has worked with Gucci in the past back when he played a role in the film Spring Breakers. According to The Fader, the director had even visited Gucci in the jailhouse.

The clip is simple. There’s not much going on except that we get to see Gucci working on some music, repping his Supreme T-shirt and messing around with a fiery red scarf (the color of Supreme’s logo). The Atlanta rapper wears massive shades as he tours us around his mansion in a matter of under a minute. He sings, he dances, he plays the piano, he talks about the ways he shops and so on. He says,”you m*f*rs think I actually go to the store to shop? I just press the button and it comes to the house.” Got it, Gucci. The video itself is actually rather bland, but it does get a good laugh out of you as you see Gucci mess around. I was rather disappointed in the advert, thinking that at least there must have been something more “supreme” about it. But, I guess they were going for a chill vibe?

Album Artwork for ‘Everybody Looking’

At the end of the commercial, Gucci enters his recording studio with some of his crew mates. Speculation is that he is possibly working on his new project Everybody Looking that is due to release July 22nd, but hard to say if that’s true.

You can watch the video above and let us know what you think! Do you have any Supreme gear? And if so, which is your favorite to show off?

Be sure to get your Supreme material now at their site!


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