P Diddy Honors Lil’ Kim With So Much Love: “That’s How You Treat a Queen”

In a night filled with honor to glorify the women of hip hop, Lil’ Kim received a huge surprise from her long time friend and legendary rapper, P. Diddy.

At the VH1 Hip-Hop HonorsAll Hail the Queens event last night, Puff did not hold back any emotions that he felt that night for the young rap-star. Instead, Diddy unleashed his sweetest and most genuine statements to the lil’ femcee. His speech was epic, enticing, and moving, and the best part of it was that he completely had surprised Lil’ Kim, whom thought that he was away working on a project that night.


The love that Diddy expressed was incomparable. He also graciously presents his gratitude and respect to the other ladies of the night, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot and Salt & Pepper. But Kim had not even an inkling of an idea that Puff Daddy would be the one to deliver her tribute, and she couldn’t have been more blessed that it was him. You could tell from the look and smile on her face (past all of the plastic surgery/botox) that she was ecstatic and touched, and you could tell from the No Way Out artist that he meant every word that he said.


He touched upon a few things that made Kim the iconic figure that she was and is today. He calls her his sister and professes his love for her. He starts out by saying, “Kim with your dynamic style as an MC, your hardcore lyrics, your fashion, the way you walk, the way you talk, you always pushed the envelope. There’s only one Queen B.”

He then goes on to discuss his first encounter with the artist way back then with Notorious B.I.G. and how mesmerizing her rap style was and how impressive it was that she could spit so well. The crowd goes wild as they chant to her.

Diddy continues, “everything about you, Kim, from your music to your fashion…you brought glamour to hip-hop, and that right there impacted culture all around the world. Kim took the baton from the greats… and carried it to a new level.” He claimed that “with your style…you changed the female MC game…and you became one of the biggest international rap super stars in rap history. Kim made rap feminine and sexy, stylish and hardcore all at the same damn time. She’s one of the greatest performers in hip hop.”

He then told the fans to go out and see her perform at the Fam Reunion Tour happening now. Puff Daddy admits how amazing it has been to see her get down, be brave, and sometimes be difficult with him, but all in all, “it’s her courage,” Diddy said. “She has no fear. Fearless. She’s not afraid to do things differently. She’s a diva at times. She’s high maintenance with me at times. At the end of the day, she demands the ultimate respect, and that’s how you treat a queen.”

“I love you… All hail the queen!” Puff said.

It was also Kim’s bday, so of course, they brought out a cake large enough to honor a queen whil the crowd serenaded “Happy Birthday” to her. You can now watch the whole moment happen in the video above. What did you think of Diddy’s remarks to the songstress?

Also, before you bounce, here is a bumpin’ old school Lil’ Kim track to help you on your way. Peace!:

Further references: VH1+Music blog.


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