Big Sean Reveals A Collab With Vince Staples After Crashing His Interview

From charity work to music, Big Sean is everywhere, including Vince Staples’ interview with Tim Westwood yesterday!

The hip hop/rap star decided to pay a visit to his pal Staples yesterday by crashing his one-on-one discussion with the host of TimWestwoodTV. Westwood is quite the weirdo, at the beginning, “Fam-a-lam”? What? “Rich and homeless, man.” What are you talking about? He doesn’t even let Staples speak without him commenting, so I have a feeling Big Sean saved Staples more than crashed since Westwood seems to be doing more of the interfering. :/

In the interview, before Big Sean’s arrival, Staples discusses what it’s like performing and being an artist and his opinion on the Black Lives Matter situation. Enter The G.O.O.D. Music signee who bear-tackles the rapper, all smiles. Westwood hands the mic over to Sean and he goes on to share what his experience was like performing at the Wireless Festival! He said it was one of the best moments of his life when everyone joined in to sing along to some of his hits like “Paradise,” “Blessings,” “I Don’t F*k With You,” and “I Know.” They sang Jhené Aiko’s parts and it just completed the entirety of the song with power.


All of this went down whilst backstage, so we got the inside scoop when the Twenty88 rapper revealed that him and Staples are teaming up to work on a new track together! He said: “We’re about to get in the studio. I ain’t about to spill too much information but it’s about to go crazy. This one of my dogs right here.”

Westwood tries to pry a little more and asks what they’re planning in the studio, to which Staples replies ambiguously “studio-ing” and Staples responds “hey, I’m sayin’ that’s none of your business, Tim; that’s none of your business bro.”

The laughter is there, but Sean gets a little serious. “What do you think we’re gonna do in there? We’re gonna work man. It’s do or die for us man. We’re young black men from America, you know what that means? That means that none of this sh*t is promised to us man, these watches these whatever the f*k we like man, taking care of our families, this sh*t ain’t promised out here. We gon’ work, and I work like a m*f*n slave. I work like I got a f*n slave master. I work every f*n day, all the time, every time.” With the excitement and defense he’s expressing, it seems like the single is going to be lit!


During the interview, Sean also asked his own question to Staples, asking him how he feels about his success being so marginally noticed and how he’s not as big as he should be for being “one of the new lyricists in the game?”

Staples replied truthfully. “I honestly don’t care,” Staples said indifferently and happily. “You don’t ever get the credit you deserve unless you’re doing too much. You’re not supposed to do too much. You’re supposed to do your job and go home. I’d rather do my job and go home than have motherfuckers sitting outside my shit worried about where I go grocery shopping. The funny thing about that is, if you’re doing shows, the shows is the same.”

You can watch the video above now!

Further References: Hypetrack, Rap-Up


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