DJ Snake & George Maple Reveal Music Video For Single “Talk”

EDM heavy-weight producer DJ Snake and singer/songwriter George Maple came together to fabricate their single “Talk,” and now they have a visual to accompany it.

The video is beautiful. It’s dark atmosphere, mechanical attraction, and erotic & sensual scenes add to the song. The song is about talking non-stop, about an endless conversation that seems to be going nowhere, and just as you can hear it in the track itself with the call-and-echoe method, you can see it in the visual that the girl is exhausted by her own thoughts, by the people around her, and that she just wants to love freely, passionately, and without fear.

In this piece, we celebrate the notion of ecstasy and euphoria, that moment of bliss when you’ve finally experienced and loved what you found. The visual is extremely captivating, from beginning to end. At the start we hear a woman shouting in Spanish, cut to two unknown men, and then to a mysterious yet cute girl from some sort of mechanical site. The director turns the grunge of the environment to the land of sunsets and night clubs and of course her strange love for a machine, the car. The car is an obvious representation of a failed love of her past that consisted of miscommunications and ultimately a tragic end.

DJ Snake has been notorious for creating some of the best trop-house tracks ever, and this one certainly makes the cut. It’s got the right amount of slow and fast-paced beats, it’s breathy and chill, but as soon as the drop kicks in, you’re pumping your fists in the air and shaking your hair in the wind to a xylophone and synth-heavy trill and tune. It’s fun, that is the best way to put it.

Cover Art for “Talk”

The French producer released this track on June 8th and it has made its way to some of the top playlists on Spotify. Can you believe that DJ Snake started with Lil John on “Turn Down For What?” and now he’s one of the biggest leading DJs in the world?

We also are lucky enough to get a little hint from the video of DJ Snake’s official release date of his debut album, Encore which is set to come out on August 5th this summer.

Enough talk, go watch the music video above!


Further references: Hypetrak


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