New Essential Track: A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino & Lil B On “Be Somebody”

Hip hop artists and producers alike, A$AP Rocky, Clams Casino and Lil B, join forces to produce a critical track to Casino’s recent EP release, 32 Levels.

Casino is preparing to drop his full album tomorrow, July 15th, and the anticipation is real. By sharing this track “Be Somebody” with everyone, the bar has been raised as to how ill this 12-track record will be. In this one single, Casino samples Mikky Ekko’s mysterious song “Be Somebody” and layers on top of it the sick rap lyrics of TheBased God and Rocky, two very large artists in the hip hop industry.

The song was first premiered as a special World Record on  Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show as today! That’s high praise. Just two weeks ago, the electronic/hip hop artist released his music video of “All Nite” featuring Vince Staples. Last week, he shared more pieces to his forthcoming project. Casino is dropping hints left and right, to help promote the album as much as possible, and to give his listeners and fans something to look forward to. It’s been noted that this album is going to be a very dynamic and thorough construction of music, but we’ll all be the judges of that tomorrow when he reveals the full-length exposé.

The rap flows, but it doesn’t follow a rhythm the whole way through, but the beat keeps you in check as you nod your head to the verses. It’s intense, severe, and ominous. It’s essentially a battle cry. Lil B then spits his venom:

“In my condo that I designed/I would never buy it if it wasn’t mine/I don’t need a gun, I just need the bullets/Money not racist, my drugs caucasian/Guns from Russia, rocks from Sweden/No ones believes me, the world thinks I’m evil/But what if I’m poor? I guess I always wanted more.”


On the sample link below, you can listen to the track, and then added at the end, Lowe spoke to Clams about the track’s creation. The New Jersey-native tells him that “I made the beat at home. It’s also, there’s a Mikky Ekko sample on there. That’s his voice in the background, and I went over to Rocky’s place in New York and I was playing him some stuff and he was working on his second album. I was just starting to work on mine, and I played [Rocky] a beat, and I was like ‘This is the new beat. You can’t have it, but if you want to have it, you can do it on my album.’”

Looks like there was a little game of finders-keepers going on between Rocky and Clams before this track was chosen to release because,“eventually [Rocky] said he wanted it for his [album], and I said ‘Alright fine, we’ll trade something’ .. .He didn’t end up finishing it in time for his album, so then I was like, ‘Okay, I got it back,’says the DJ.

You can now listen to “Be Somebody” below on Apple Music in the link below or be super hyped and pre-order the whole album, 32 Levels, on iTunes. Happy listening.

Further References: XXL Magazine, Hypetrak


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