The Weeknd Shows Off His New Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Line

You’ll feel like the baddest-chick or guy ever to where the letters XO when you see The Weeknd‘s new merchandise for his summer line!

The Weeknd has been noted as one of the best contemporary R&B/Hip hop artists of our generation. His music is rich, erotic, and dreamy as he hits the falsetto notes like an angel. At this year’s 2016 Billboard Music Awards, the “Can’t Feel My Face” artist won big, taking home 8 awards including including Top Hot 100 Artist and Top R&B Artist. But not only is he an artist of music, and extravagant hairstyles, but he is also an artist of design and merchandising.


The Weeknd’s fashion line is called XO like his infamous stage brand and logo. The publication OOTLYFE made a remark that the singer “is simply at the point whereas anything he tags his name on results into a frenzy of profit.” And they’re not wrong! His clothing and other merchandise have been making sales through the roof in the past year! After contracting and joining up with the highly-esteemed fashion designer Alexander Wang, in 2015, his garments have become one of the hottest trends in artist history.

They’re so simple and monochromatic, yet so chic. They give off an edge and toughness for both male and female consumers, while also being sporty and fresh. There are not enormous amounts of graphics, and if anything, it could be most closely related to the Calvin Kleins’ underwear line. All of apparel is engraved by the lettering “XO” and include wear like short-sleeve hoodies, crewnecks, crop tops, bodysuits, sweatpants, T-Shirts, snapbacks, socks, jerseys, and even a beach towel for your summer getaway.


This is all part of The Weeknd’s Spring/Summer collection, but he’s been in the game long enough to know what the fans want this summer. He continues to use his two-toned hues of black and white, but has also added a bonus coloration of army green as well!


The Kissland and Trilogy artist began this path down the fashion industry back in 2014, and he never went out of style, just like how he we’ll never get tired of serenading us to the infectious lyrics and seductive tunes of his music.

You can check out the rest of his gear at his Official Fan Merchandise site. What XO swag do you front?

Further References: OOTLYFE, HighSnobiety, Hypetrak


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