Chris Borelli Drops Surprise 5-Track EP ‘Heart of Summer’, Listen To It Now

Chris Borelli, whom we had the wonderful chance to interview once and got to review his last music video release, is now back again with a little surprise.

Surprise! He’s dropping a full 5 track project for you all titled Heart of Summer. Just today, the local Boston rapper released his EP on SoundCloud for his fans to hear and it’s stellar. Borelli has been mixing things up, trying new eccentric musical stylings from old school rap to electronic and contemporary hip hop and he’s not stopping there. With these 5 new tracks, you really get a taste of how hard the artist is working to make his brand well-known and well-heard.

309 Productions

The first track to debut his compilation is “VanGogh” which is a really cool play on the visual artist’s name and has the makings of being a total party banger. It’s got the right tone and the right vibe, spitting his rap lyrics swiftly and attacking the mic with power.

Then there’s “300,” which is a sick track (and probably my favorite) that sounds very similar to something Pusha T or Future would produce, except more balladic, dreamy, and dance-like. The piano in it, matched with the jazzy melody, creates an exotic and fantastic collision of sound. It’s mellow, but contains a strong instrumental to compliment the vocals.

Stephanie Krist / @stephanie_ritak

“From the Heart” is a perfect example of Borelli’s lyrical skills and rap talents. He spits

“I used to be in 5th grade / bumpin Better Dayz / Singing hallelujah / Thugz Mansion / had the pushers givin praise / Ghetto Gospel in the church / put the haters in the grave / Put my blood up on the leaves / I’ll never be a New Slave / You can catch me in the cut / I’m the bandage to the flow / Just a vessel to my word / every prophecy I wrote I’m a bezel to the stone / they gon cast back at me / When I’m stirring every pot / just to make em mad at me”

What I love is that he is always mixing and mastering his music on point, and that vocals & verses always flow right into each other with ease. His music is even jazzy at some points, but he still carries that hard core rap sound.

Next is “Ready” which is once again, a smooth, rhythmic tune with R&B intonations this time around. It’s comprised of layers of voices and beats and sounds to create a percussive pulse looped together to form a track.

309 Productions

And last on the project is “LOTE X Opportunist,”  which is probably the more experimental amongst the other tracks off the compilation, is quite the way to conclude the EP as a whole. It’s like an avant-garde take on old school rap and old school pop; it sounds like a video game, it sounds  like a riot’s chant, a TV show theme song, elevator music, classy tunes, and it’s two songs in one. So we go from one sound to the next that kind of flow into a Bryson Tiller like sound. Needless to say, it’s an epic piece.

Again, the record is diverse in its buildup and it carries a new sound with it. Every track stands on its own and is different from the next one. Borelli is making moves with his music and is really experimenting with whatever more he can do to keep the fans and new-listeners engaged, while still staying true to himself and what he wants to put out and what former fans loved about him to begin with. He’s got the perfect balance of what reminds people of Drake’s stylings and of what is all his own.

So proud to have such a talented, dope artist from our hometown representing and building the hip hop scene, and filling our hearts with some new music this summer.

Be sure to follow the artist on his socials and to keep it locked with Borelli as he keeps putting out new material for y’all to listen to!






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