Drake Got Natural Eating at Cheesecake Factory For Music Video “Child’s Play”

So, looks like Drake decided to take his new music video au naturale, possibly filming the visual to his track “Child’s Play,” at the Cheesecake Factory, his favorite restaurant?

“Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake/You know I love to go there…” Yep, Drake really did spit those lines, and yes, people will be ready at their computers to create the best possible gifs out of that. The hip hop artist was recently spotted  at a Cheesecake Factory in Houston, Texas last Wednesday night, and it has the internet going wild. Why? Because rumors spread that he was taking his lyrics seriously and was planning on filming the video for the song at the infamous chain restaurant. But alas, people are crazy, and need to calm down, because that’s not the case. Just let the man enjoy his meal!

Drake, King of Cheesecake
Esquire Magazine

However, we do know that he is planning on filming the Views track in Houston! A fan posted a pic of his director’s clapperboard on Instagram shown below, as well as, filmed him on set for the video. So that’s for certain. But anyways, let’s be real, the poor guy probably just got hungry after all of the work, I mean, who wouldn’t? Wouldn’t you want to bite into an amazing slice of Dulce De Leche cheesecake? mmm…


The video for #ChildsPlay is being shot in Houston!

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#Drake last night on the set of #ChildsPlay.

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#Drake tonight at V Live in Houston. #ChildsPlay

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Drake has really been everywhere though in the past few weeks. He was running with the OVO team, readying themselves for their festival, he’s been planning a joint mixtape with Gucci Mane, he was on SNL, he’s on tour with Future, he reunited with his lover Rihanna and followed her all over the world on her ANTI tour to appear during her performance of the collaborative song “Work,” etc. etc. Ya, so let the guy eat a cheesecake! Or a burger, or whatever! He’s also just been hanging on the top with awards and honors of being No. 1 on the charts for the highest number of weeks for Views!

Here’s the video of him exiting the Cheesecake Factory. Too bad we didn’t a glimpse of his “Child’s Play” rewarding meal, maybe for the music video, Drake?

#Drake was spotted at the Cheesecake Factory last night in Houston.

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