Katy Perry Breaks Out With New Single “Rise”


Katy Perry is here to make another roar, but this time she’s going to empower you with her new single “Rise.”

It’s been a while since we have heard from the pop-artist, but now she has returned to us via dropping a new single titled “Rise.” Just like any Perry track, she empowers us, she uplifts us, and she fire’s us up! The California singer produced this song as part of the new theme for NBC’s broadcasting of the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio! Wow, what an honor! In addition to releasing the track, Perry has also revealed the music video, which is basically an accumulation of past memorable and triumphant moments in the Olympics. You can watch the full-length visual above.


The 31-year old is proud of this piece, and told Rolling Stone, “This is a song that’s been brewing inside me for years, that has finally come to the surface,” she continued, “I was inspired to finish it now, rather than save it for my next album, because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite.” And she is right, recently Nice, France was attacked and a few weeks before that, there were the shootings, and murders and so on.

“I know that together we can rise above the fear – in our country, and around the world. I can’t think of a better example than the Olympic athletes, as they gather in Rio with their strength and fearlessness, to remind us how we ALL can come together, with the resolve to be the best we can be. I hope this song can inspire us to heal, unite, and rise together. I am honored that NBC Olympics has chosen to use it as an anthem before and during the Rio Games,” says the “Roar” artist.


According to sources like Billboard, Throughout the entirety of the viewing of the event, “Rise” will be played for everyone to hear, and most especially during the opening ceremony on August 5th.

The Billboard chart topping Prism artist searches and destroys with this track. With her recognizable loud, balladic vocals, she gives emotion and intensity to the single. And like the title, the song grows and rises into a crescendo of force and power. It is a motivational and inspirational piece not only for the athletes, but for the people who are being hurt by today’s society.


In the piece she sings, “When the fire’s at my feet again/And the vultures all start circling/They’re whispering/You’re out of time but still I rise/This is no mistake, no accident/When you think the final note is in/Think again/Don’t be surprise, I still rise.”

With this single, even though she was away for three years, this shows that she’s still considered one of the queens of pop in the industry today. Listen to “Rise” now, available through iTunes and Apple Music.

Further References: Rolling Stone, Complex, Billboard


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