Kehlani Unleashes New Single “CRZY”


The free-spirited, bad-girl chic Kehlani just unleashed her new summer single “CRZY.”

The R&B songstress slays again with this new track that is anthemic and fun to bounce to this summer. With her familiar sweet intonation, and strong vocals, we get the ideal Kehlani track to bump to in our cars and loudly on our speakers at parties. The song will move you and get you dancing and singing along as soon as the chorus kicks in! You can listen to it above!


The 21-year old has gone through a lot already at such a young age. She first released her album You Should Be Here back in 2015, and since then, through many features like Snakehips hit “All My Friends” and others, she has risen to fame. But she has also been pretty musically silent for some time this year due to being facing personal difficulties. After dating the NBA athlete Kyrie Irving and the hip hop artist PARTYNEXTDOOR, comments online became heavy and rough. They took to her badly and led the poor, beautiful artist to attempting to take her own life. The artist always had melancholy, but beautiful music, but this moment was so tragically painful to hear.  Luckily, she recovered and is happily living her life the way she wishes and is back stronger and better than ever! The Oakland, California-native most recently dropped her studio single “24/7” back in May about recovery and loving oneself. Kehlani has also been on a mission to support The Suicide Hotline organization to help individuals struggling with the same mindset, and hoping to empower individuals and her fans. You can watch this video of her speaking out to her adoring fans during a concert she gave in Spring about loving and respecting people here.

In this new track, Kehlani channels her inner bada** and shows that she’s down for whatever, cuz she’s not scared of being herself. With a simple beat and melody, she spits:

“Everything I do I do it with a passion / If I gotta be a bitch I’mma be a bad one…”


“Live for the challenge / only make me stronger
One more reason to turn up on ’em
I go, I go, I go, crazy, crazy
Lit, lit, lit, lit
Only L I take is to the face
You showed up to see me lose
But I overcome so you overcame
Basic, basic
Ain’t nothin’ bout me basic
I’m crazy, I’m crazy”

In the Instagram post on the single release shown above, the Atlantic Records signee wrote to fans “THANKS FOR LETTING ME BE ME!” After erasing the entirety of her Instagram account, she has it back up and running and filled with positivity.

You can now stream Kehlani’s “CRZY” on Spotify or purchase it off of iTunes and Apple Music! And be sure to follow the artist on her socials because according to Complex, the artist is planning a summer filled with different music festivals such as Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. Oooo! You can find out more by checking out her Official Site. 

Further References: Complex


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