Beyoncé Sings “Halo” For The Victims of the Turkey Revolt

Recently at her concert even in Amsterdam, touring for her renown Formation tour, Beyoncé took the time to acknowledge the political standings of Turkey.

On July 16th, Turkey faced a terrible occurrence in their homeland. In a staged military revolt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, people were fired at severely hurting 1,400  and killing 265. The coup failed in their attempt to demand control of their country, and so many thousands of innocent people were taken into custody by the regime. The country has been at war between the people and the government for years. Back in 1960 and 80, there were other staged coups, but like the rest, those who fought failed to command control.

CNN: Turkish Coup

At this same point in time this past weekend, Beyoncé was performing live in Amsterdam and was notified of the unfortunate news. In that instant, the R&B queen B decided to dedicate her beloved single “Halo” to the victims and the people suffering in Turkey.

In the tweet below, you can see live footage of the artist walking across the stage and professing, “this song is about love;” she continues, “I want to dedicate it to all the lives lost in Turkey. Y’all help me sing tonight.” It was a touching and moving moment for the crowd as she sat behind the behind and the first few chord progressions of the extremely emotion, powerful, and impactful song that won heart backing in 2008 and echoed throughout the arena that night.


Way to go, Bey! This is not the only time Yoncé has shown her respect, compassion, and sympathy for a tragedy. This was just one of countless other shows, such as the ones she dedicated to the victims of Nice, France and Orlando, Florida, and those terrorized and mistreated by the brutality of the authorities and the police. Watch the songstress perform her hit for the Turkish people below:

Further References: Hypetrak, Idolator


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