Future Leaked 2 of His Own New Song Releases

“jus not a record I would’ve did for myself…”

Future just released two new tracks that were apparently more released as leaks, “Paparazzi” and “Guap On Me.” These two new productions had actually been in the works as of last year, but only now were they revealed for fans to hear. The songs are deemed to be produced and featured by Mike WiLL Made-it, according to XXL Magazine  and rumors spread that it may have been part of the Ape Sh*t project that the rapper had been working on, but never brought to fruition. “Paparazzi catching me with the sh*ts,” he raps.

The Atlanta rapper hit up his twitter to let fans know though, that these two tracks are not his proudest pieces, and he was reluctant to disperse them to the crowd, hence the leak on July 18th. They are very mundane and do sound like tracks he has produced in the past, but that is not what bothered the artist. He tweeted that he says the word “Dab” in the chorus of “Paparazzi” and he really wish he hadn’t. In addition, listeners were apparently able to hear some snippets of “Paparazzi” at the end of Mike WiLL Made-It’s “Drinks on Us” music video that featured both Future and Rae Sremmurd. Interesting. You can see the tweets below:


So he may not be a fan of his own work at the moment, but he’s promised to redeem himself with new music on the way! We are currently and patiently awaiting his much anticipated Beast Mode 16 project. And in addition, the “Where Ya At” rapper decided to also hint us in that he would be dropping a Freeband Gang mixtape to go along with his release.

Now, in reference of the two songs, his first release of the two tracks is “Paparazzi.” Once again we receive the ominous vibe, with his hear and there shouts and intonations. It’s got that heavy-hitting, pot head sound, that keeps your head nodding along to the airy beat and in-the-zone aura. Towards the end of the track, there is a comical sound of the artist snoring, and yet, we still get that eerie feeling that this a lot more serious than the joke he gives off. Last year, we were even give a preview of the song with a video where Miley Cyrus also appears on it. It’s chill, but overall not the most impactful thing…

His second release is Guap On Me. From this track we receive that typical Future sound that fans are accustomed to. Strong, bold, flashy, heavy and atmospheric. It’s a got a lot more put togetherness and effort tied into the track as well, so of the two, this one is a little better in terms of Future’s rap stylings. He raps:

“She know the culture / She know I’m flier than a poster / She know I ride with the toaster / I have a work on my line with them boulders / I’m making my quota / I sip out the soda / I trip off the soda / I live for the dotta / Get worshipped like Moses / Heavenly sent from the crew are my niggas / I’m lifting my niggas, I love the young niggas / Wrote on your sneakers, young nigga / Serving illegal my nigga / Ducking them people my nigga / Smoking my reefer my nigga/We get to grinding and making these moves on these niggas / Nothing to prove to these niggas.”

You can listen to both songs in their entirety in the videos above.


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