ATTENTION: Trop-house Beat “Cold Water” Out Now! Justin Bieber, Major Lazer & MØ

I wanna go…

The new single “Cold Water” was just revealed on the radio this morning and it’s the tropical Bieber that everyone has come to love now. We all are aware of the fact that when the pop star matches up with EDM (like in the past with Diplo and Skrillex) he produces actual music. So, you can imagine our excitement when we find that he has now teamed up with the epic Diplo-included trio, Major Lazer, for a new track! And not only that, but the song also features the new indie-pop songstress who has rose to fame on her own terms, MØ.


The three came together for this fanastic collaboration that takes you on a chill vibe roller coaster of summer highs. It’s a very good track with a great beat and some sweet lyrics and of course, the masterminds behind-it-all are musicians Ed Sheeran and Benny Blanco, who co-wrote the anthem together. This single was previewed a month ago, but now we get the full composition, and we can fully say with pride that it’s a success, again. It is said to appear on Major Lazer’s forthcoming album later this year. The actual release of the song is meant to be on July 22nd, but with the help of foreign music service platforms and other publications, we’ve been able snatch the song.


The lyrics go:

“Everybody gets high sometimes you know / What else can we do when we’re feeling low / So take a deep breath and let it go / You shouldn’t be drowning on your own / And if you feel you’re sinking / I will jump right over into cold, cold water for you…”

The aesthetic of the song moves you to the instrumental as you are serenaded by Bieber’s soft vocals. There are loose guitar-riffs (most likely constructed by Sheeran) and then an added dancehall tune that follows Jbiebs voice flexions. The drums and guitar call-and-echo each other, following their own rhythmic patterns. And of course, the song crescendoes to give the song a little more impact as you go about the flow. MØ jumps in with her intriguing voice with a energetic and mysterious bridge. Harmonies and melodies blend together in this track to produce the ultimate summer record. Sure, the track may not be as inspiring or forceful as “What Do You Mean” or “Sorry,” but it definitely gets most of the job done with its catchy artistry.


Listen and jam-out to the song in my article for Verge Campus here:


Further References: Hypetrak, Stereogum


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