Artist Spotlight: Up & Comer Emma Gatsby Releases First Music Video

Allow me to introduce you to a new belle of LA to the pop-indie grunge scenes of the music world, Emma Gatsby.

Yes, she is from the West Egg, hence her stage name, and she is just as mysterious and seductive as the great protagonist of the famous novel himself. This young artist in her 20’s has been working meticulously in and out of the studios to hone in her musical talent and to create a brand of her own with the voice that she has. Gatsby began her music interest much earlier than this, but it wasn’t until now that she truly took it on as a passion of her own and has found herself amongst some pretty big names in the industry.

Now, the EG Entertainment signee has produced what is her first single ever to release and has also created a music video to accompany it titled “2 Steps.”

This alien princess has the sounds of Neon Hitch and Tove Lo and the coolness of Sky Ferreira, MØ, and Halsey. She could be described easily as the hot, bad-a** chick you wish you were, and the stunning, captivating talent you want to have. With just one listen, you can already here that she has the potential to play the game of the music field.


“2 Steps” has a tune that is screechy and dark. It’s the ominous road trip song you’d hear on your runaway to a motel and it’s the dreamy night club hallucinogenic song when you’re just letting go of all your thoughts. With smooth vocals that flow from the innocent rage in her emotions, she gives that suave rebel without a cause vibe. Though that may not be the case in her visual; she has all the cause. The story line to follow along with her track is the typical story of girl meets guy, girl has fling, and guy cheat on girl who finds out about it. But in this piece we get a little bit of a twist when she gets guy back by hooking up with the new chick and in then all spirals out to him being kicked out. The lighting is perfect, dark shades and night settings; the environment and spaces are key to the atmosphere of the song (a club, a motel, a night swim); and the 3 characters the plot revolves around are developed just right for us to be curious who they are, but only know that they are caught within this cynical triangle of “love.” So, of course, the track now makes sense as we find that the whole way through she knew all along of his betrayal and disloyalty, so she played his game- followed his tracks as he takes the new girl to all of the same places and treats her all of the same ways- and always stayed 2 steps ahead of him to eventually get back at him. Jokes on you, jerk! In this single, Gatsby hits a falsetto note that is enough to run chills up your spine and in the video gives the camera a sultry and vulnerable look to only increase that steamy, firey feeling.


You can stream this single which is available on Spotify now! And… Be sure to follow her on Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, and YouTube!


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