Alicia Keys Reveals Details of New Album ‘Crazy Powerful’

Alicia Keys is not holding back and is ready to unveil her new music for others to hear.

Keys has not produced in album since her 2012 Girl On Fire hit but she returns to us with new material. However, sorry fans, because it is not in studio form yet. The artist performed her songs at a recent performance in LA at The Troubadour. The show was apparently completely sold out according to The LA Times, and it took longer to get in for the fact that the R&B goddess asked everyone to shutdown and put away their phones. She told the publication that she was trying to protect her new album Crazy Powerful from releasing on the Internet, and it also allowed her to be real with her audience- there in the moment and present. She says, “I just want us to have this time together.”


Keys had a band of six back her up and Young Guru DJ with her. Throughout her one-hour set, Keys sang all of her music that was extremely powerful, extremely crazy, and extremely emotional. Her new material hits home to the struggles and trials our world is facing today. She sing for the people, against the violence, and charges everything with political and social fury.

She also sang a song that sampled a Nas track and some of her own throwbacks such as “No One” and “Fallin’.” And as reported by The LA Times, she announced to the crowd during her act “The world has lost it’s … mind,” followed by “It’s the most important thing in the world to be who we are — no matter what we look like, or what we believe in and who we love.” She declared, “I celebrate individuality, diversity, and you just how you are, and me just how I am.”


Now, don’t dismiss her lack of production in the past few years as being lazy or procrastinating. In fact, she has been anything but. As a mom, she has been still very active and engaged in the industry performing on stage at award events and featuring in TV shows like Empire and collaborating on music with other artists such as Kendrick Lamar on “It’s On Again”,  and of course releasing her own singles like “We Are Here,” “28 Days,” “Hallelujah,” and her most recent hit “In Common.” (Which has been remixed multiple times by DJ/Producer Kaskade.) And of course, now it seems with her new work, she is trying to make a statement for the world to do better, live better, and love better.
“This album has been, without question, the best music I’ve made — yet. Because there’s more,” she remarked. “Even with everything as it is and as it seems, the thing that brings us together is this good music.”

Further References: LA Times


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