Bon Iver Just Shared A New Song & Music Video

#22 Days, says Bon Iver

It’s been five years since Justin Vernon and Bon Iver produced anything in full-length, but now we’re getting real clues!

On their Facebook page, the beloved indie rock band has been posting images and videos with #s and countdown numbers! Does this mean a new project from Bon Iver & Justin Vernon?! Yes, yes it does, but we’re not sure how truthful the caption is to the drop date! Let it be known we might just be 22 days away from an official release from the band. In addition to all of the hipster excitement, Bon Iver just posted a small 23-second clip with one of the songs off the album and an intriguing, mysterious visual to go along with it. What’s fascinating about the music in the video is that it is a sound I have never heard from the band before. The little snippet of sound previewed was robotic, eerie, simple, and very very different than the usual acoustic guitars and vocals we are used to from the group. The musicians are still keeping hush about this album, and we’re still wondering what’s to come. Above you can see the video yourself and how it plays out, and you can be the judge of what you think of the noise. Leave us comments below!

Here is the cover art (perhaps) to what is to be a Bon Iver debut album.


In other related news, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon did a recent collaboration with Francis and the Lights and Kanye for Francis’ song “Friends.” The visual was absolutely stunning as well as the choreography, which Vernon played a large role in alongside the rapper West. In addition, Bon Iver has announced that they will be touring soon and there should be a full-length album on its way! Are you excited, because we certainly are!


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