Cher Lloyd Gets You Ready To Be ‘Activated’ For Her New Album


Cher Lloyd is prepared to get us “Activated” not only for this single, but also for her debut album set to come out this fall.

This pop/hip hop star first appeared on the silver screens with her fun, edgy, bubble gum vocals back when she first appeared on the famous talent reality TV show X-Factor UK where she was given the opportunity to sign a music deal in the US with L.A Reid‘s Epic Records.

After that, she rose to fame releasing her first album in 2012 with her hit single “Swagger Jagger” and “Want U Back” Rolling Stone called her music “infectious pop-rap, charting hits with sassy solo singles.” The artist has been known to collaborate with some big names as well such as T.I. , Demi Lovato, Becky G, Carolina Liar, and Busta Rhymes.

Rolling Stone: Angelos Kritikos

The English beauty, now 22-years-old, is all grown up and ready to show her fierceness and strength as a player in the music industry with this new song and album. It’s sharp, it’s  compelling, it’s contagious, and hot. The gets you jamming, moving your body, and singing along to the chorus. I think the radio tone over her voice is a nice touch, and the lyrics and the delivery flow well together over a low-wobbly bass and her emphatic voice and sound. “I think when we first started writing ‘Activated’ – in the very beginning stages – I had said that I wanted a song [reflecting] exactly how I feel,” Lloyd says in a conversation with Rolling Stone. “[It is] this feeling that I have of just wanting to run as fast as I possibly can and just move.”

Lloyd wants to prove that she’s matured even more now and that this business can’t get rid of her that easily, even if it’s moving in such a fast pace. She had decided to work meticulously and carefully on this studio record for over a year and a half because of what she wanted to expect from her product, not what the managers told her to do. And just as her cover art shows, she’s got her boxing gloves on and ready to fight and beat them to the finish. “I wasn’t going to just record something and release sh*t for the sake of having a song out,” she says. “I wanted to feel something when I heard [it], and I wanted to feel like I did when I first started, like when I used to sing in my bedroom when I was 15.” Really staying true to herself, Lloyd demonstrates integrity at its finest. “My fans deserve something that’s honest and comes from me. It’s my new phase. Everything is about to change.”


This girl is definitely no one-hit-wonder, as she in fact, seems to sound even better now in this track! Sure, she’s part of the pop era, but there’s something to her voice that I find extremely unique to most pop voices. Her genre though comes from the same breed as Kehlani’s and I could absolutely see these two in major competition. But, Lloyd’s got a talent of her own that is spicy and refreshing. So, though it seems she had disappeared for a little while, and may have sold out, the truth is she was just getting started for a new chapter in her musical career.

You can listen to the title track “Activated” above and don’t forget to let us know what you think of the song!

Further References: TheGrapeJuice, Rolling Stone


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