Desiigner Drops Highly Anticipated “Timmy Turner”

Timmy Timmy Turner…

Desiigner finally dropped what was his highly anticipated single “Timmy Turner,” for all to witness.

The first time we ever heard the tune, it was during Desiigner’s freestyle for XXL, as he is one of the 2016 Freshman Classmates. Since then, fans and other hip hop listeners have been patiently waiting for, but also asking pressing questions to the rapper as to when it will be revealed. The cover art is extremely elusive as the lyrics of the song are, but the flow is pretty sweet. The anthem is almost sounds like a chant you’d hear in a revolution or even as a lullaby, and what first starts out as a minor progression and ominous feeling grows and crescendoes into a major key and a hopeful, heroic ballad. You can hear the audio of the official record above.


The artist himself unleashed his track as soon as he could via Twitter, and no doubt were we surprised! How he did so was by first tweeting a distraction tweet like so, “I GOT SO MUCH TO SURPRISE MY FANS WITH 😇📽🎤📲 #NEWENGLISH #LOD,” then immediately after, he dropped the actual audio to the track! Surprise!

There was a lot of back and forth before this release that Designer sounded too much like Future, and of course, the two rappers were not pleased since they were trying to make music of their own. In addition, fans are hoping to hear a new hit from the Brooklyn-bred star, but will he reach as much hype as “Panda” did ever again?

With just that simple 45 second preview of his single, people were singing the hook of the G.O.O.D Music signee’s song over and over and over again, and now it has come to fruition in the form of an entire 4 minute record . But, even though our wait is over for this track, our wait is still continuing with his New English mixtape. Sorry peeps!

What do you think of the song? Let us know! Also, see what fans had to say about the song below:

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