Scientists Are Close to Finding a Cure for Hearing Loss

Human hearing loss could be reversible.

This is your gift, say buh-bye to hearing aids. Anyone who loves concerts and music as much as I do, understands that the fear of losing your hearing is always lingering above our heads, even if we don’t want to admit it. Did you know that, “many animals regenerate the tiny hair cells that enable hearing”? This is what The Atlantic‘s Jessa Gamble reported when writing about a conducted research study that could possibly help us humans do the same and prevent hearing loss overall.

Hearing loss and deafness is a major issue in our species today. Almost over 1/3 of senior citizens suffer from hearing loss. And you don’t just have to be old. Back in 2010, CBS News reported that one in five teens also suffered from the ear failure due to the loud music played through their earbuds, headphones, and at concerts. However, with the recent studies, this problem may no longer exist, and it may be reversible.

Teenager listening music with headphones


As of right now, Audion is collaborating with the pharmaceutical entity, Eli Lilly, to create compounds that might fit the found mold.  They have received generous donations to contribute to their research funds, but the struggle is in the fact that there is now a lot of competition out there. It is wonderful that there are so many people out there trying to solve this case, though, because without the music that makes us move, our worlds would lead silent, desolate lives. We wouldn’t be able to sing or dance or play or enjoy the sounds of music. Could you even imagine?!

Young Man with Headphones

There are now several large therapeutic companies hard at work in the labs trying to develop a simple way to multiply cells that would then turn into ear cells. Whether this discovery will occur in the near future or not, many are on top of it, and it seems that yes, indeed it could be a possibility!

For now, still wear your earplugs if you’re close to the stage because you want to still hear the music, don’t you?


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