Another One: Kehlani Releases A New Single “Distraction”


Kehlani released anotha’ one today, and it’s no “Distraction” from the fact that she’s working hard in the studio to show the new music collection that she has for us!

This new single “Distraction” (produced by Pop & Oak) is so classy. It’s soft on the ears and brings back the old school R&B vibes. I’m loving this track becayse it shows the sweeter sides of the songstress who has gone through a lot. It reminds me a lot of her first studio album You Should Be Here. It’s amazing too that this track was released just under a week after she revealed her single “CRZY,” which is quite the opposite of “Distraction.” In fact, “CRZY” is very loud, proud, and old school female emcee hip hop.

Kehlani leaves her rap style for a little reverb and cool vocals, as she sings in her angelic voice:

“Are you down to be a distraction, baby? But don’t distract me.”

In the past, the artist has teamed up with some of the best in the industry such as BJ the Chicago Kid, Chance the Rapper, Snakehips, Justin Bieber, and many more. In fact, she is now appearing on Belly’s track and music video “You,” and will also have a song featured on the new Warner Bros’ motion picture Suicide Squad titled “Gangsta.”

So clearly, with these releases, she’s letting us know that her follow-up mixtape to the Grammy-nominated studio album is on its way! According to Rap-Up, it should be set to drop sometime this fall and tweets and Instagram posts #SSS.

You can listen to the track above, and let us know what you think of it. Stay tuned for when Kehlani let’s us know about her debut album and its release! It goes without saying that fans are super excited to see the artist back up and running and producing amazing beats and tunes.

Further References: Rap-Up, Hypetrak


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